You have probably landed on this page because you are looking to create a positive change in your life. Something has guided you here, and you have happened to end up on my page.

You are ready to listen to the intuition that is telling you that there is a bigger, brighter and better way of living. You are prepared to let your heart lead the way and create the life you deep down crave.

You are ready to become a greater version of yourself?

However, there are a few things constantly holding you back...

You sometimes have this annoying voice that says that you're not good enough
You are worried about what others think of you and how you look to the outside world
You don’t believe in yourself enough to go after your wildest dreams
You feel stuck in your head always thinking about the past and worrying about the future
You lack a sense of purpose or direction
You might even feel depressed, anxious or low
You feel like you are going around circles and keep creating the same problems in your life
You feel this inner void that continually shows up in your life. You only have fleeting moments of happiness.
You do everything in your power to make that positive change, but you end up feeling the same. You are always chasing happiness.

And it’s exhausting! How do I know? I have been there.

Becoming Concrete started as a mentoring group for teens girls, and grew to help women birth pain into purpose, and manifest their God given gift.

Becoming Concrete focuses on helping You build a solid foundation, with everything you possess.

I share my journey in my first novel “Don’t forget your pearls” as a teen mother who went through many obstacles and challenges. I shares how I went from being broken and unsatisfied into living a purposeful life of freedom and possibility.

Taking everything that I had including the hurt, the mistakes, the challenges, mixing it with purpose and drive to begin her journey to Becoming Concrete.

Becoming Concrete is about mixing life ingredients are together, the good, the bad and other together and with time allowing it all to become a solid foundation.

Becoming Concrete is based on Positive Psychology which is the scientific study of what happens when things go right in life. It sheds light on what enables happiness, engagement, achievement, meaning, resilience, goal attainment, strengths, courage and optimism. In other words, what makes a personal thrive in life and work?

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