About Me

Rickesha Rose, an Author & inspirational coach, I help others discover their purpose through their story. By empowering men and women all around the world to understand the power of walking in their truth I enhance the lives of those around me and lead them into becoming concrete.

Rickesha Rose

Becoming a mother as a teen, I struggled with low self-esteem and guidance. Learning to outrun the stigma of what it meant to be a young mother I graduated from college and started my career as an advocate for women and youth. Spending many years teaching life skills in schools and the community, I found my calling as an educator and mentor. Along this path I created an organization called Becoming Concrete Coaching & Youth Enrichment Services, that is committed to helping women and youth develop career goals while teaching them to focus on their emotional and mental health. As an inspirational life Coach, I spend my days teaching women how to push themselves to their next level. I firmly believe that through my story I can inspire others to never lose sight of their hopes and dreams but more importantly their values. Understanding the pressure of being a mother and of the world. She reminds her audience that they have nothing to prove,  when equipped with the right perspectives, who they are meant to be will manifest itself in time.

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