I Am Rickesha Rose

Rickesha Rose, Founder of Becoming Concrete shares her amazing journey in her upcoming novel “Don’t forget your pearls” as a teen mother that has gone through many obstacles and challenges. She shares how she went from being broken and unsatisfied into living a purposeful life of freedom and possibility. Taking everything that she had including the hurt, the mistakes, the challenges, mixing it with purpose and drive to begin her journey to Becoming Concrete.

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Don’t Forget Your Pearls, serves as a testimony highlighting major turning points in Rickesha’s life, touching on the things that she had forgotten that made her who she is today. During that journey, she discovered the power in walking in truth and never forgetting your values. On a mission to inspire, she shares some of the intimate parts of her journey shedding light on teen pregnancy, domestic violence, and power to overcome through faith.

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